I didn’t shop as much this week because I have a massive Death Pile I decided I needed to focus on. Spent the weekend listing 60 from that, and already sold 3, woo!It’s sweater season at Goodwill, they’re finally putting out all the good ones they’ve been hoarding. I knew they would be saving ugly Christmas sweaters, but turns out they’ve been saving all kinds! Snagged a classic Flag Ralph Lauren sweater, a NWT Blarney Woolen Mills sweater, etc.Shoe prices have been all over the map lately.

The perfect college is in the eye of the beholder. While some students are attracted by the name or rank of the college, others are drawn in by athletic programs, low tuition costs, extravagant locations, proximity of beaches, weather, etc. There are a myriad of elements that dictate what the perfect college will be.

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The dot was placed over the middle of the large hole in the spacer with the tape sticky side up. The ends of the tape were folded in backwards so that the sticky side adhered to the hockey stick. The ends of the tape were pushed down so that the tape over the spacer was tight and the dot was still centered over the large hole.

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